Because you can't use the word "average" to describe us

Our usual member would be described as a generally good, friendly and helpful person, but with a healthy side of bloodlust and somewhat flexible morals. Obviously they have an interest in Player versus Player combat or they wouldn’t have joined Incredible.  Our slighly flexible morality allows us leeway in who, how and where we fight, there are more ways to win than just shooting someone.  That said, we’re not pirates, mercenaries or criminals, we just enjoy more flexibility in how we achieve our goals.

Our members have a different attitude to risk.  Whereas most people in Eve learn to fly and get hold of high end ships, many of those ships just end up as expensive hanger decorations and never really get used.  The Incredible member generally acquires ship with the view that they are intended to eventually die in glorious combat (after a number of victories of course). There is a mantra in Eve, “Don’t undock what you can’t afford to lose”, wheras in Incredible a more correct mantra would be “why buy it if you’re not going to use it”. 

Although we are careful in how and when we use our advanced ships, ultimately we’re a combat based corporation not care bears.  On the flip side we can be very dogged and determined, realising that sometimes attrition can be valid tactic in winning.

Talking to each other is important in Incredible.  Our slack channels are very active and all of our members and leadership have lively discussions.  This can be a bit of a surprise to those that have only really experienced edicts from the top and no real upward communication. Our members know that what they think and say matters, they’re also free to have a laugh / joke with their comrades.

Although we understand why the Blue Donut is important, we mostly yearn for something a bit more chaotic and fun.  As such we seek out places that are a bit more challenging, often setting up camp for a few weeks or months when we find somewhere interesting or if the alliance has a goal suited to our skills.  The staying power of the Incredible member is amazing, long after the average Eve player would burn out or lose interest Incredible keep going, as long as there’s a fight we usually keep going beyond what would be considered “normal”.

Our members are always looking for ways to do things better, and indeed we have a number of experts on doing things in unconventional or high risk ways that reap extra benefits for those bold enough to try them, which is of course exactly the type of member we attract.  This approach means we are very flexible, difficult to predict and also harder to counter. 

Alliance Fleet Roles

Our members are likely to be the Fleet Commander, logistics, links, dictor / hictor pilots and highly skilled interceptor pilots. 


The vast majority of the alliance’s FCs are members of Incredible.  Our high skill pilots are also able to fly all of the support ships the alliance needs for a successful fleet.

Although some pilots always prefer to fly DPS ships, a good percentage of Incredible’s members are happy to be in lead or support roles, or indeed prefer it.

Making Isk

Having a stable source of ISK income is important, more so for members of Incredible as we generally fly more expensive ships over and above the alliance doctrines that you are required to have.

Although we do have ships available due to the way we operate the corporation members are largely expected to finance their own ships and Incredible’s fleets do not have SRP.

Although we’re a PvP corporation, most of our members also have invested both skill points and isk into some form of money making.  As the most basic form of income generation you can train into mining ships and mine Incredible’s moons.

Some of our pilots foregoe isk making in favour of occasionally buying PLEX to finance their Eve Online. Indeed, a good percentage of our members also prefer to pay a monthly subscription rather than face the grind of earning isk to pay for their account(s).

Skill Points

Nearly all of our pilots have over 20 million skill points, indeed that is considered to be our entry requirement although exceptions can and are made. 


20m skill points may seem a lot to some, but really it’s the minimum someone needs to be able to participate in Incredible. For the few members that have less skill points they tend to be a character that has focussed their training to be able to fill a specialist role.


Many of our members have a 100 million or more skill points and are considered to be very versatile pilots. This also means that there’s lots of advice from experience people should you need it.