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During Incredible’s Scalding Pass campaign we spotted the opportunity to give members of the Brave Collective the opportunity to try out a different type of PvP.  Although not as large as full scale stratops we could offer the experience of many different small to medium fleet types.


In consultation and with funding from Brave Dojo we set up the Incredibly Violent SIG.  This open sig is intended to give Brave’s future PvP pilots a baptism of fire, but without having to spend the levels of ISK or needing to have the tens of millions of skill points required to get into the full scale stratop ships

needed to make a real difference.

Incredibly Violent offers pilots the opportunity to participate in medium scale PvP and to be able to make a difference to the actual outcome.  The pilots are not an afterthought, or sacrificial pawn, or unable to really do anything in the fleet.  Everybody contributes, everyone fights and everone has a proper role.


Incredibly Violent is by it’s nature fully inclusive.  Even the most skilled pilots fly more basic ships, making the most of numbers and tactics rather than expensive ships to achieve our goals.  We have also acted as a separate supporting fleet during full scale strategic engagements.