Incredible Ships

Fly something less ordinary and more competitive

As you would expect of a PvP corporation we have a number of advanced doctrines that go beyond the usual everyday stuff that our alliance fly.  The types of fleet we participate in mean that everyday large fleet doctrines wouldn’t work and we need a better toolkit to work with.


In a change from the usual alliance direction we have been incorporating a wider selection of ships, roles, weapon systems and have even included armor ships.


Some of our ships leverage our alliance’s exisiting expected skillset whereas others require considerable extra training. New members that have come from elsewhere in the Brave Collective will immediately be able to fly some of our doctrines, however others will take some time.


Below is a selection of the ships we use, it’s by no means an exhaustive list. There is of course a whole host of support ships for each doctrine, but we choose not to make the whole composition available to view.

Osprey Navy Issue

Where our alliance uses the Caracal as a basic DPS cruiser Incredible generally use the more advanced Osprey Navy Issue.  This ships is basically the Caracal turned up to 11, being a better all round ship with considerably more DPS.


The Osprey Navy has seen action in most of Incredible’s deployments and continues to be our go-to ship.


Generally speaking if you can fly a caracal well you can also fly an Osprey Navy.

Drake Navy Issue

Incredible has a long history with the Drake Navy Issue. This medium range missile platform is very tanky, fast and puts out great DPS.


As a Caldari Navy variant of the Drake the ship is relatively easy to train into, indeed most of the skills are common with the Osprey Navy and the Caracal.


Although we have other heavy DPS ships the Drake Navy remains a great platform, especially for larger fleets where less pilots would be available for higher end doctrines.


The Legion has multiple roles although it is primarily the backbone of our Blops fleet.  Where others would use the Loki we prefer to get up close and personal with our enemy dealing high DPS and finishing them quickly.


The Legion is also a great hunting ship, finding enemies for our fleet to engage. 


The Ikitursa takes the already formidible Triglavian weapon system and places them on a Heavy Assault Cruiser hull.  The combination is absolutely stunning and there is probably no finer brawling ship. This is an admittedly rather niche ship given it’s engagement range, but what it does it does very well.


The Ikitursa is more than a stepping stone to the Drekavak, it’s an awesome doctrine in it’s own right.  It’s a long train but we won’t apologise for that, once you’ve flown one in an Incredible fleet you’ll see why it’s worth it.


The Drekavak is a recent mainstay of Incredible’s armada.  This ship is far from subtle and is rather insane in it’s capabilities.  Our version of the Drekavak is rather different to our Alliance’s and is much more suitable for advanced pilots.  That said it mixes well with more basic Dreks in a large fleet.


The Drek is quite a long train to get into, but more than worth the effort.

The Fun Stuff

Talwars & Cormorants

Lets not overlook the simple pleasure of undocking a large fleet of small inexpensive ships and going and giving the enemy a bloody nose.


In larger numbers these ships pack quite a punch, especially when led by a good FC. 


The advantage of Talwar and Cormorant fleets is that virtually eveyone in the alliance that wants to is able to fly them and join the fleet.


The difference when Incredible leads these fleets is we generally have a large amount of handouts available.

Attack Squirrels

An evil invention of Jenson our lead FC the Attack Squirrel fleet uses an unconventional weapons platform based around Dragoons and Talwars.


This composition although destroyer based uses large amounts of fleet members to take down much bigger ships, from cruisers to battleships to the occasional capital.


Small, fast and agile this extremely fun fleet is able to project across multiple neighbouring regions and suprise the hell out of the enemy.

Nano Cruisers

Incredible have a long history of using T1, faction and T2 cruisers in fun fleets and to harass our enemies.

Our Osprey Navy is often the basis of such fleets but with great ships such as the cerberus and orthrus thrown in.

In our nano gangs the FC generally sets the direction of travel and chooses where to go but each pilot often operates independantly in a fight, choosing their own targets and playing to the strengths of their ship.