Incredible loosely operates on Communist principles in that we have a certain amount of shared resources that are available to our members.  This principle also extends to how our members interact, often helping each other or indeed our more fortunate members sometimes donating ships or materials to help fellow members out.
The corporation is always looking to give back to our members, often using corporation funds to subsidised ship and the related skillbooks, particularly when we want to kick start a new doctrine.  We also fund a large number of handout ships that any member can use to run their first fleets and step onto the path of becoming an alliance FC.  We also have a large investment in a corporate cache of capital ships.

A number of our more established players are quite altruistic, sometimes giving those that need it a hand with ships and resources, indeed sometimes helping the ENTITRE corporation with a magnanamous gesture at great expense to themselves.  This type of altruism runs through the DNA of the corporation.

Shared Hangers

Our shared hanger contains lots of ships that are available to borrow.  The hanger contains high end DPS and support ships as well as those ships essential to life in Eve such as cyno ships.


Our shared hanger also contains the corporate capital ships which you can also borrow on a short term basis.  We have dreadnoughts, carriers and faxes available, all combat fit and ready to go.


Our FC hanger contains even more advanced ships that are available to Incredible’s FCs.  These ships are the type you need to run a fleet from or fill certain key roles within the fleet.


Our handout hanger is stocked with basic ships that can be handed out when someone is commanding their first fleets.  This takes the stress out of the situation as the FC doesn’t have to worry if their fleet gets destroyed.

Ratting Program

We realise that ratting is a fairly good form of income generation but that the investment required to get a good ratting ship can be prohibitive for some. 
Our Ratting Program can lend you a ship to get you started, from a Vexor Navy Issue through to a carrier. This allows you to generate isk faster by starting a few rungs up the ladder and having a more usable income.
As you start to generate a good amount of isk you are expected to put together your own ratting ships and return any that you have borrowed so that others can benefit from their use.

Subsidised & Handout Ships

Some of our doctrines can get expensive and we appreciate some members can’t afford to just add a 500m isk+ new ship to their hanger at short notice.

Often when we introduce a new doctrine we subsidise the cost to make it easier for our members to get the ship.  Also we sometimes have members donate ships to be used as handouts.

Some examples include:

• Up to 50% subsidy on Ikitursas

• Up to 33% subsidy on Zarmazds

• Free Muninns

• Free Nagas

• Heavily subsidised Osprey Navy Issues

• Heavily subsidised Drake Navy Issues