Escape the Blue Donut with Incredible.
It’s all very well and good sitting in Catch and Impass surrounded by a large buffer of safe space, and indeed there can be lots of good content with enemies to fight and isk to be made.  After a while though you realise that you’re doing the same thing, day in and day out.
Incredible have a history of deploying outside of Brave’s traditional space, either for ourselves, or as part of achieving an alliance goal.  These deployments are an opportunity to do something new, something different and most definately something exciting.  They are not for the feint hearted, you’ll experience a much more full on version of Eve and generally on an extended basis.  Whereas most wars involved one to a few fleets a day, Incredible’s deployments can mean 3, 4 or even more than a dozen fleets in a day.
Come fly in some of the most intense fleets you will find, where individual pilots can make a big difference and you can make a name for yourself.  Take on larger enemies, be unorthodox, fly by the seat of your pants and see how a relatively small fleet can do things alliances and coaltions can’t achieve.  See how a smallish high skill corporation can adapt fast to a changing situation.