Incredible are a PvP Focussed corporation, 
owned by the Brave Collective

Who are Incredible.

Originally set up to give high skill point pilots in the Brave Collective somewhere to go Incredible has since grown into a full blown PvP corporation with a purpose.  We are the shock troops of the Brave Collective, the elite pilots flying the high end ships, providers of most of the alliance’s FC and general all round content generators.

Whenever a group of skilled pilots flying high end ships are needed Incredible are the first port of call

What We Do

Incredible are a very flexible corporation able to react and adapt quickly to multiple threats, to project our alliance’s power, to defend our space or to capture space as part of an extended conflict.  Whatever the issue, whatever the scale, Incredible are there leading from the front. Our experienced and very hardy pilots are ready to jump in and further our alliance’s and our own goals at short notice.

We are happiest when we’re operating on the ragged edges of the frontier, sitting in the blue donut in the hope some content pops by isn’t our thing.  We find content, and if there’s none to be had we create it.

Solo Small GANG Pvp

Obviously as a PvP corporation our pilots are very active in solo and small gang PvP. The difference with Incredible is the skill of the pilots involved, the ships we use and the amount of support and advice from experts in all aspects of PvP.


Going beyond small gang PvP we also have several powerful small fleet doctrines.  These doctrines allow us to project power into enemy space, respond to threats in our own space and generally create mayhem where we choose.


They say an army marches on it’s stomach. Incredible have become experts in combat logistics, frontier production and mining, in fact everything needed for an extended stay away from home.