Want fun, glory and prizes?

it's time for a more challenging competition

Incredibly Challenging is a frequent series of competitions sponsored and run by Incredible. It is designed to be challenging to players of skill levels and each competition is based around PvP scenarios.  What this is not is the same old 1v1 format, we mix it up and present you with challenges that you actually have to think about!

Example Competitions
3 v 3 Round Robin

3 v 3, best of 3,
Each person takes a turn as FC.

Wacky Races

Be the first person to reach the target system.  Be warned, there are obstacles!

Random Can Challenge

Can you fit, fly and fight in a ship fitted from a load of seemingly random stuff you are handed in a container?

Find and Tackle (Best of 3)

Find the enemy in system and tackle them before the competition.  Probes, D-Scan or pure blind luck, the method is up to you.

Competitions are open to any member of the Brave Collective, simply join the #incredibly-challenging channel in Slack